West Wind Nursery and Kindergarten School was founded in 1947 by a group of five women who wanted their children to receive individual attention while learning in a pleasant environment. The women, Mrs. Eleanor Billimoria, Mrs. Suzy Rutz, Mrs. Trudi Mueller, Mrs. Girsperger and Mrs. Reynolds, believed that the school should provide a well rounded education instead of only focusing on academics. Mrs. Reynolds, herself an American trained kindergarten teacher conducted the classes three mornings a week at her house. The five children were all around 2 � years of age. The school was then and continues to be a cooperative, non-profit institution devoted exclusively to the intellectual and emotional well being of the child, with mothers playing a pivotal role in administration.

Following West Winds inception, rapidly growing interest in the school resulted in a larger student body and a need for more permanent accommodation. In 1948 arrangements were made to take over navy hutments which were built on the grounds of Petit Hall on Nepean Sea Road. The school was then in a splendid location, right on the sea and in the middle of one of the city�s finest properties.

It was here that the name West Wind was adopted. During the same year, Mrs. Reynolds left and Miss Roshan Curmally joined. She taught twenty children ranging in age from 2 to 6 years and was helped out by the duty mother for the day. Miss Curmally was the Principal from 1971 until 2011. She was a part of the school faculty and was the Principal Emeritus of the school until April 2020. Mrs. Khushie Curmally has taken over as the Principal of the school from 2011.

Due to the sale of Petit Hall, West Wind shifted to Walkeshwar in 1968 and then to Oomer park at Breach Candy in 1989. The school continued to function at Oomer park until August 2008 and is since located at Gamdevi. It is here that West Wind has come into its own with the premises befitting the reputation of the school. It was then decided to rename the school as West Wind School.
In the decades following the drafting of the schools constitution in 1952, West Wind has maintained its unique standards in education largely through the dedicated efforts and enthusiasm of the faculty.

The school�s curriculum continues to not only encompass formal academic training but a wide variety of activities such as Hindi, music, exercise, art and craft, yoga and P.T.

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